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When I think of Jewel Tones, I think of Crayola Markers. I know.. that’s so weird but you remember, right? Not the classic colors (ROYGBIV), but the other pack! The pack that had turquoise, magenta, cyan, sienna, marigold…yeah… the Bold colors:

I always wanted both packs. You really needed to have both packs to complete the spectrum. Maybe that’s why the pictures I colored were always the prettiest pictures in the class. 🙂 Anyways! While jewel tones certainly make an impact on the coloring pages in your coloring books, they make even MORE of an impact in your wardrobe, which is great because jewel tones have been spotted all over the runway this season!

We just can’t get enough of these super saturated, jubilant jewel tones! We love color  and even more so when it’s not expected. (FALL, WINTER) There is certainly no rule against wearing color in those season, so we say embrace this trend to the fullest and be happy and colorful all season long!

Unless you can afford Gucci (which is fabulous, by the way), we have everything you need to tap into the color trend this fall at affordable, Polished prices! Just check out a few of our jewel toned tops and dresses:


These are just a few things we have on our website. We also have a lot of jewel toned dresses, tops and accessories in the store:

So stop by or hop online and do some shopping. You will love our selection. Oh… and go ahead and buy yourself some “Bold” crayola markers next time you decide you need some. Here’s a link for free coloring pages, too! Give them to your kids so you can shop peacefully or color them yourself! 😀

Have a great day! Enjoy this mild weather we are having and thanks for reading 🙂