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It’s only September and I’m thinking about Christmas. It’s time for me to put together a very important wish list: My Christmas Wish List. I’m all about animal print this year! I love fur, too. The desires of my heart will require maintenance but they will be a worthy investment. I’m talking about pets, people! I don’t have any and I think it’s time I’ve gotten one! We’ll make it our Polish mascot! Yes! I love it! See my wish list below:

Ok, so some of these creatures may be slightly unobtainable. I’ve wanted an hippopotamus for Christmas before it was cool. I also want one of those otters that holds hands. Oh and what I want most? A horse of course! But those requires land, food and a pooper scooper. That leaves me a rooster, goat, bunny and dog.

Any suggestions as to which I should choose? Goats eat everything, I’ve heard. Chickens attract snakes and well, my husband’s allergies wouldn’t do very well with a bunny. YAY! I guess that leaves us with a bloodhound.. or any kind of hound. I really do want a dog. So from here on out, I’m going to be asking my husband for one.

I can’t wait until Christmas! What’s going to be on your Christmas list this year? Yes, it’s a little ways off but it’s never too early to start writing that list 🙂 And if you’re like us and see something you want well before Christmas, you’ll say “This can be an early Christmas gift!” to whomever is buying.

Hopefully you will make the “good” list and receive lots and lots of Polished gifts! 😀 Check out our site and stop by the store to see our new shipment!

Until then, we’ll leave you with this fabulous video:

Now you are adding an otter to your Christmas list, aren’t you?

Thanks for reading!