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Sometimes it’s fun to see what’s on other people’s wish list. I love to see what other people are drooling over. It’s also fun to find out about other websites and brands that you may or may not have heard of. So today we asked Amber, Co-owner of Polish Boutique and Shoe Polish, what is currently on her wishlist. This is what she had to say:

Image Source – http://www.safari.com

We laughed and said, “Yes… but what else is on your wish list. Something that can fit in a box, perhaps?”

To which she replied:


Here’s what Amber had to say about each of these items:

1. I run often and like to find new routes while keeping up with my distance. This watch is powered by Tom Tom and has GPS that will help you do all of that. I also love the color combination!

2. Mobile is one of the rainiest cities in the Continental U.S. so everyone needs a good pair of rain boots around here. If you have to wear them, they might as well be cute! That’s why I love these pretty and pink wellies from Hunter!

3. I really can’t get enough of Tory Burch. Her style is classic but innovative. She takes old pieces and gives them a new, polished look. I especially love the Selma Riding boot from her fall line. The warm leather, the flat sole and height of the boot. All aspects of this boot are perfect in every way!

4. I’m planning on getting as many blazers as I can for layering this fall. One in every color! I love this one from Zara. Mustard hues are hot right now!

5. Two Words: COLD SNAP! I could eat yogurt from Cold Snap for breakfast, lunch and dinner! It’s my favorite treat!

6. These flats are last season (perhaps?) but I want them. I love when designers pair a neutral color with a neon color. The contrast is amazing. The combination is unexpected but so perfect.

Thank you, Amber, for participating in our Wish List Wednesday! We love all of the things on your wish list and hope all of your wishes come true…even that Safari! πŸ˜€

Have a great day and thanks for reading!