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Today’s Polish Pick is one of our very own! Meet Caitlin:

Caitlin is an October baby! She is sweet and light-hearted. Caitlin is currently crushing on the gray booties we have at Shoe Polish. She wanted to wear them in every picture we took. Here are a few with her wearing them:

Caitlin is such a great model! We laugh a lot in between takes.

Caitlin’s favorite color is Aqua and her favorite food is Chocolate Ice cream. Who can blame her?

“I love this outfit! It’s actually a loose top over a knit dress. Unexpected but SO fun!”

Caitlin loves anything that is funky or fun! In fact today, when I saw her, she was sporting hot pink ballerina flats! We love that about her. Another fun fact about Caitlin? She loves Sharks. She loves them so much that when she was diving in Belize last summer, she kissed one! She’s so free spirited!

Caitlin is so chic in this cardi and white ruffled blouse. “I love how the belt gives this outfit a completely different look! Belts are a must. They define your waist and take something mediocre over the top. I love this look.”

And we love Caitlin! Thanks, Caitlin for being our Polish Picks today. We love everything you chose! We hope you have a great birthday month!

Everything Caitlin is wearing can be found in the store.

Thanks for reading!