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Today’s Wish list comes from Jennifer Shirely. Jennifer is a (trophy) wife and one (hot) mommy. When she’s not chasing around her sweet little girl, she is either attending Auburn football games or selling real estate for Remax! This girl is busy but was still able to take time out of her busy day to tell us what she was currently wishing for. It’s pretty evident that she is a devoted mommy because when we asked what was on her wish list, it ended up being mostly for her daughter. (so sweet!) She is one Polished mommy and her sweet little girl is Polished too!

Here’s her wish list:


Here’s what Jennifer had to say about each item:

1. I can’t help but love this Tortoiseshell Watch by Michael Kors. This piece is classic and sporty with a glamorous twist. I think I could keep it forever and pass it down to Dylan when she gets older.

2. Hello. My name is Jennifer and I’m one of the only people in America that doesn’t have Netflix. Well, I think it’s time. I want a membership!

3. How cute are these Minnetonka boots? I want them for Dylan! She would love them!

4. Speaking of Dylan, I have been searching everywhere for “Here we Go” on DVD. It is Dylan’s most favorite! She sings and dances to it. She’s such a silly girl. If anyone knows where I can find it — please let me know!

5. Ok…These are not for Dylan. These are for me! I keep dreaming about Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes! They are my favorite snack. Maybe because they’re kind of nostalgic? The waxy frosting on the outside with the sweet yellow cake and cream inside..Oh..and let’s not forget the sprinkles! That Little Debbie, sure knows a thing or two!

6. I am also wishing for some cognac colored booties! They will go with anything and I like the edginess that booties exude. So, these are definitely on my list!

7. Ok, Mommy is really wishing for a date night, therefore, mommy needs a babysitter! I would prefer that she be similar to, say, Fraulein Maria or Mary Poppins. Thanks!


No, Thank you, Jennifer! We appreciate you sharing your wish list with us. Hopefully all of your wishes will come true! Especially the Little Debbie Christmas Trees and the babysitter for a date night!

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Thanks for reading!