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Sorry for the tardy Polish Picks, but it will be well worth the wait! Today you get two for the price of one! Check out this dynamic mother/daughter duo that have a Polished relationship, Polished Life and definitely Polished style!

Meet Shalla and Mady:

We love that these two gals get along so well in a world where mother/daughter relationships are on the brink of disaster, it’s refreshing to see one that really shines! When I was in highschool, the last thing I wanted to do with my mom was shop with her (no offense, mom) but these ladies show that it can be done and that it can be FUN!

Both Shalla and Mady have great style! When they showed up at the store, they were so cute! Shalla with her military jacket and SUPER cute flats and Mady with her precious dance attire (she had just come from dance class).

It didn’t take them long to start shopping.

Shalla is a mom of three and still manages to have Polished style! She doesn’t let her busy schedule get in the way of her getting all dolled up! She has been married for 24 years! Now, after owning and selling two of her own businesses, she is volunteering at her Church and at her children’s school, Faith Academy. “Being the mom of 3 teenagers is quite time consuming!”

When we asked Shalla what she thought of this cute vest she said, “I LOVE this! It is so cute and flattering. I especially love the belt! I never would have thought a belt could make such a difference in the way something looks.. SO. CUTE!”

Mady loves her mom! They have a very close relationship which is great because she has such a demanding schedule. Mady is involved in Honors Classes, Choir, the Mobile Ballet, Acting for the Playhouse in the Park and she still manages to serve at her church. Though she is busy, she still makes time to shop! “I wish this store was my closet”, she says of Polish.

“This dress reminds me of Audrey Hepburn! She is my style icon.”

Mady loves dressing up and has great style to be so young. Mady is the only girl of 2 boys… and she is the youngest. She hates lip gloss and frogs. She’s pretty much an All American kind of girl! Eventually, she wants to study dance at the University of Southern Mississippi.

This post just goes to show you that no matter what your age, Polish has something for everyone! Next time you come into Polish, Bring your sweet mother! Help her find some things to wear! Make a day of it, go have lunch and be sweet! She will love it and so will you! You could even borrow the things she purchases! 🙂

Thanks, Shalla and Mady for being our Polish Picks! You girls are Polished inside and out!