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Today, we have Jessica Charlton’s Wish List! Jessica is a native of Nashville who is a graphic designer and a public relations specialist. That means she’s probably pretty creative and I always like to see the wish list of Creatives — they have such great style! So without further adieu, Here’s Jessica’s wish list:


I was right! I think I’m going to have to add a few of the items that are on Jessica’s wish list to my own! I’m loving those shoes and that awesome Sweater Cardigan… let’s not forget that adorable dog painting! Here’s what Jessica had to say about each item:

1. These are great for work/evening transition, and will add a little oomph to my very plain wardrobe!

2. These would be perfect with a white chiffon blouse and tan pumps (or the aforementioned wedges…), I’m all about the work/play outfits!

3. I love her melodic tunage. She’s so unique and her music really creates a cool ambiance.

4. This Navajo printed sweater cardigan is simple, comfortable and unique! I could wear this with a pencil skirt and boots or I could wear it with jeans! Super versatile.

5. I love Chanel’s Chance. I received my first bottle when I was a Senior in High School and have worn it ever since!

6. Amanda Norman is an amazing Nashville painter that I obsess over. I really want one of her paintings!


A special thanks to Jessica for sharing her AWESOME wish list with us! We love what you are currently wishing for and hope that you receive all of it. 🙂

Again, Jessica is a graphic designer in Nashville, so if you ever need any design work done, hop on over to her website and check her out.

As always, thanks for reading!