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Today we decided to ask some of our fabulous Twitter followers what they were currently wishing for! It’s fun to see that most of them had several of the same wishes. Check em’ out:



1. @acmcghee89 and @jessicawells95 both said they were wishing for Blazers because they are the perfect layering pieces. It’s a classic choice!

2. @BrandyBorcicky said “It incorporates my 3 favorite things in a dress: black, a bow & girly!” We could not agree more, Brandy! So cute!

3. @mckenziedruhan said, “Lattice carry sand ugg boots they are so cute for winter!! ” These look So comfortable, McKenzie!

4. @KellyHannahMc said she loves boots with a heel on them because they are so sassy! She especially loves these from our site.

5. Joykin1121 is searching for cute sweater dresses this fall! She also just completed the Marine Marathon! Congrats, Joykin1121 — that’s AMAZING!

A special thanks goes out to our followers. We loved hearing what you were currently wishing for. Thanks for sharing with us!

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