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Let’s begin this post with a very simple idea that we hope you will adopt.

Life is too short to be boring.

Ok. Now that that is said, we think you will appreciate our in/out list for today. Naturally, all of the things that are “out” are BORING and all of the things that are “In” are, of course, SPLENDID (and colorful, sparkly, quirky, original..etc…)

Learn to laugh at yourself, have fun and be original! Life is too short to be anything else!


Let us explain ourselves:

1. You’ve heard of graphic t’s. Well, here’s their cousin, the Graphic Sweater. We are obsessed with this trend and hope it’s here to stay. Maybe designers were inspired by the Tacky Christmas Sweater trend that’s taken holiday parties by storm but we’re not complaining. Why not wear an over sized sweater with a giant dog face on it? We are pretty sure if you do, your day will be amazing covered in awesome sauce. So… what are you waiting for? Urban Outfitters has a plethora of quirky animal sweaters waiting to be adopted! When we compare cute graphic sweaters to boring cable knits… well, we just know that we never want to go back!

2. We love the fun fingernails that have been popping up on pinterest lately. Especially these pretties. They are a more classic color with an unexpected update: GLITTER! We want to do this in every color of the rainbow, please and thank you. For more fingernail inspiration, head on over to pinterest and search fingernails.. you will find TONS. If you pick at your nail polish like me, you are probably less inclined to actually paint your nails which is fine.. but if you get the gel manicure you might enjoy having a little glitter on your fingertips.. it’s much better than the alternative: NO GLITTER 😦

3. Fanciful Toys for Grownups! We love that these tiddlywinks are not only fun little toys to play with but also look beautiful on our desk! We can’t get enough of the bunky balls.. they will keep us procrastinating for ours and then the Ko Sticks are artfully entertaining in form and function. The alternative to playing with toys is probably work and that’s not fun so we are major TOY ADVOCATES. Go buy yourself a toy, you deserve it!

4. Maybe Kate Middleton and her fascinating fascinators have inspired us a bit, but we are HEAD over HEELS for HATS! We especially love these felt bohemian hats. Add a feather and you will look polished, chic and other worldly. Hats aren’t just for the Kentucky Derby in the south, gals. Get a hat and wear it for the fall and winter! What are you waiting for? The alternative will just be the boring old Prime Minister’s wife and no one wants to be “that girl” that didn’t wear a hat.

These are just a few FUN and fabulous things that you can add to your everyday wardrobe and life that will make it a little more exciting and a lot less boring. Remember you only live once and that life is short so make it amazing!

Love always!