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Some call him Benjamin, some call him Ben. I? I call him Benji. He’s my brother and that is his name. My brother, Benji lives in Fort Worth Texas. He is a music teacher and a mind molder. When he’s not chasing his 1 year old son, Gibson around, he is turning wood, smoking his pipe and playing his guitar. He’s a well-rounded chap and has a few well-rounded wishes to share with us today.


Saddleback Leather Suitcase:  I already have their briefcase and can attest that the quality is excellent.  Can your current luggage add an eloquent touch to the set of an Indiana Jones film?  Will your grandchildren fight over your current suitcase after you are dead?  Probably not!  It even has a 100 year warranty.  Be warned, they are expensive but the owner of the company always likes to point out that it is better to buy the best and cry once.

Mark Twain Commemorative Pipe Collection by Peterson:  Peterson Pipes are handmade in Ireland.  This collection commemorates one of America’s most famous literary contributors, Mark Twain whose birthday was just a week ago.  The collection consist of two pipes in two distinct styles.  The full bent pipe and the straight poker.  My favorite is the poker but I’ll take both!  With a tin of Peterson’s Christmas 2011 Tobacco blend of course!  “As an example to others, and not that I care for moderation myself, it has always been my rule never to smoke when asleep and never to refrain when awake.” Mark Twain, 70th Birthday Speech.

“Hushabye Baby” Hudson bay Axe with leather sling from Best Made Co:  No one will bother you walking down the street with one of these slung around your back.  A perfect example of Made in America at its best, the Hudson Bay Axe is top quality steel on a well made handle.  If you get the itch to chop some wood, well, need I say more?

Matte Stephens “Adventurers Club” print:  Matte Stephens not only spells his name uniquely but also has a unique, whimsical, mid-century-style, story-book feel to his artwork.  The pictures are witty, fun and inspiring.  They remind you not to take life too seriously.  He has painted many different one’s but my favorite consists of the “Adventurers Club” characters.  They all have just gotten back from some adventure or are just reliving the good old days while having a glass of scotch.

Japaneses Higo Knife:  Every guy needs a good knife…Cuss,–Everyone does!  Why not the affordable laminated Japanese steel Higo knife from none other than Best Made Company.  If I’m ever in New York I’ll skip out on Letterman to drive across town to the Best Made Co.  Before they sell anything they ask the essential questions, “Is this quality?”

Gibson Blues King Guitar:  This is something for the guitar enthusiast.  If you want to buy the last guitar you will ever want then this is the way to go.  You can’t go wrong with a Gibson.  Again, buy the best and cry once.

First Edition Copy of Lord of the Rings:  Yes, this is probably the more expensive of the seven but this is a “wish” list, right?  So, why not the first edition of one of the best epics ever written.  This isn’t a Nerd thing.  Lord of the Rings is a fantasy story for those who do not enjoy fantasy.  It is more than just another fantasy story but as I said, an epic.  In my view, the best epic written since Homer wrote the Odyssey.

 As I look over my seven I was happy to see that I chose seven items that are timeless.  These things will most likely never go out of style or need to be updated and don’t even need batteries but will stand the test of time.  The test that all things of value pass.
Thanks, Benji for sharing your list with us!
Thanks for reading, we hope these guy’s lists will help you with your shopping this season!