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We haven’t had a real trending Tuesday in awhile and we can’t help but talk about some trends we’ve noticed lately. One, in particular that I am drawn to and that is print…print of all shapes, sizes and colors. Oh how it excites me, mainly because I usually stray away from print. I’m hoping to change that. Incorporating print into my wardrobe can be part of my resolution? Silly, yes, but if you saw my wardrobe you would probably agree with me! Continue to read if you are interested in print and how you should wear it.

Here are a few printed items from our website that we are currently lusting over:

This particular print is nice. It’s a monochromatic print with a lively undulation to it. It has a lot of energy but I think the monochromatic nature of this print anchors it so it’s not overly crazy — perfect for a person that is afraid to wear print.

This is an exciting print that has a very global feel to it. Chevron is hot right now and we’re seeing all variations of this classic motif. Whether it’s a two-toned chevron that’s more on the prepster side of things like this one or a more colorful chevron that is a little more liberated, you will see that Chevron is a classic motif that will go great in anyone’s wardrobe! (even mine)

This print is reminiscent of the wallpaper that dawned our parents living rooms in the sixties and seventies. With that said, it dawned their living room walls for a reason! It was fabulous! Sure, it’s a little retro but with the right accompaniment and accessories, you will be stylin’ and profilin’ in this cute little number. You cannot beat this color pallet, either! It would look great on all complexions!

Another classic motif is IKAT. We have a few cute blouses right now that boast of the IKAT motif. It’s distinctly global and is likely one of the oldest forms of textile decoration. Not only is IKAT colorful and pretty, it will go with just about any style of dressing. Whether you are dressing more conservatively or you are going casual in jeans, IKAT will accompany your look perfectly! We can’t get enough of it and love it for pillows and bed linens as well!

These are just a few of our favorite prints that we have available right now. There are so many other classic prints you could incorporate into your wardrobe! Polka Dots have a made a come back and stripes will be sticking around for awhile. It doesn’t matter what size you are, you can wear them! Just break them up by adding a cardigan or blazer! Don’t forget to wear tights, too. Patterned tights are big right now so if you are hesitant about wearing patterns anywhere else, wear them on your legs! šŸ™‚

Our advice for wearing prints is the balance a busy top with a more subdued bottom. We love mixing prints too, but if you do that, be sure to do a larger print and contrast it with a smaller, less busy print. Most of all HAVE FUN and wear what you love!

If you are still afraid, stop by Polish Boutique and we will help ya!

Thanks for reading!!!