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If you haven’t noticed we’ve touched a bit on resolutions this week. Resolutions are often stuffy and hard to keep but we’ve made some resolutions that have more to do with fashion and fun! We don’t think they’ll be stuffy or hard to keep!

If you follow any of our media outlets, you will notice that we are constantly updating our facebook page, twitter feed and blog page on all kinds of creative ways to update your wardrobe! You don’t have to spend a lot of money, either! Just be creative, layer, add color, texture and have fun! We’re here to help and one way we’re helping today is by sharing this fabulous video with you via Hello Giggles!

Super cute, huh? We love layers! We must admit, though, we are kind of jealous of the prospect of snow that so many around the world have. We, in Mobile, do not have any hope for snow… at least not in the near future. But, we can still pretend and wear cute little furry knit hats and scarves. We can even have our own version of snowball fights.. we’ll just use.. um… paper balls?

We have a few pieces in the store and online that are perfect for layering. Here are the ones we like the most:

These are all classic and original looking pieces that we think would make a great second or third layer depending on the weather. They are all available online and are all reasonably priced!

We hope this post will inspire you to have a positive view about the new year, resolutions and your wardrobe! Remember, we are always here to help! If you ever have any questions or ideas let us know! We love our readers!


Thanks for reading!