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If you haven’t noticed, GEEK CHIC is trending right now. We liked this look before it was “in” but since it is so popular now, we’ll talk about it today. We love the thick rimmed glasses that we’ve seen everywhere lately! Many people pair these with complementary nerdy clothing but our favorite is when people wear them with unsuspecting florals, cocktail attire or more casual, not so nerdy pairings. The juxtaposition of nerdy glasses and something a little more hip is just delicious! Here are a few of our favorite examples:

If you are afraid of these awesome glasses, don’t be! You can do a virtual try on right here on LookOmatic! Just upload your picture and choose the glasses you area curious about. I did the leg work for you. Here’s my results:

It seriously took 2 mintues! I like the outcome too.. hmmm.. maybe I should get them! If I did, they’d only be $58! That’s including prescription lenses! WOO HOO! Again, here’s the link: http://lookmatic.com/index.php/virtualtryon/

Or, we are selling some faux frames in the store. Cheap Geek Chic… Only $12 so if you are too afraid to commit to something a little more costly go the fake route ūüėÄ Mandy wears them here:

If you do decide to participate in the trend, there are a couple of things to consider.

1. When buy­ing your geek/nerd glasses, make sure they suit your face.
2.Dont be afraid to mix geek glasses with other styles as well. Urban, Hip¬≠pie, Prep¬≠pie, Rocker…what¬≠ever your taste, the glasses will work with it all. Just let the glasses do the talk¬≠ing!
3. When it comes to make up, keep it fresh and sophis­ti­cated. (via squidoo)

We hope this will help you if you decide to participate in this trend! Remember wear what you like!

Thanks for reading!