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Scarves aren’t just for fall and winter. Scarves can be worn all year long! Now, I understand that around here, in Mobile, it gets HOT and the last thing you want around your neck is a scarf! Don’t worry! There are multiple ways to use a scarf! Some loosely around the neck and other multi-functional ways! Get the most bang for your buck when buying a scarf… they are very useful in the summer! You’ll see –

1. You can always wear a scarf the regular way – Tied loosley around your neck. This is always a cute alternative to wearing a necklace. This is paired nicely with a tank or t-shirt! The key is to choose a light weight scarf —  not a heavy one.

2. Another great way to wear a scarf is by adding a ring and looping it together. This makes it more like a necklace than a scarf!

3. One of our favorite ways to wear a scarf during the summer is to wear one as a sarong! Just imagine that Dayton is in a bathing suit wearing it instead of her regular clothes –

4. You can always wear a scarf in your hair too! This will help you achieve a beautiful summertime bohemian look. We can’t get enough of this –

We love the scarves in the store that we have! Come check them out — you will love finding new ways to wear them.

Have a great Monday! xoxo